Don't let your hands give away your age. Dermal filler restores lost volume to the back of the hand, obscuring the presence of unsightly veins.

Laser resurfacing diminishes age spots and increases the skin's thickness, reducing or improving crepe-y skin. These treatments used independently or in combination can help turn back the hands of time.

The Aging Process

Transitioning from young looking skin to older, wrinkled, blotchy skin is a progressive process involving all skin layers, the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, along with the muscles directly under the skin. The skin becomes thinner and dehydrated as it gradually loses collagen and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, the subcutaneous tissue and muscles directly under the skin begin to atrophy, or thin-out.

You may begin to notice that your hands are losing volume, fat, and elasticity. The fatty layer of your hand diminishes, giving your hand a more translucent and shriveled look. You may see underlying structures, such as your bones and tendons. Additionally, the loss of fat volume that occurs with age exposes the veins that were previously tucked away, leaving you with prominent veins. 

You may notice dark spots on the back of your hands, caused by years of sun exposure. Exposure to UV light may also result in collagen damage that thins your skin and creates a crumpled, crepe-y appearance.

Even though you may be taking good care of your hands, the skin barrier function weakens with age and becomes more susceptible to external irritants. That results in increased dryness, inflammation, and sometimes even cracks in the outer layers of your skin.

Dermal Fillers

Once the fat layer of your hands is depleted, your only option is to replace it. In the past, treatments focused on fat transfer, but results were quite modest. Dermal fillers such as Radiesse®, Juvéderm®, and Restylane®, alternatively, have been shown to be effective in restoring volume to the hands.

The dermal fillers we use at Santa Fe Vein and Med Spa contain different substances to restore the lost volume.  Radiesse® is comprised of calcium-based microspheres.  Once injected, it provides immediate volume and correction but continues to work by stimulating the body to produce its own natural collagen.  Over time, the body absorbs the microspheres, leaving behind your own natural collagen.  Our other fillers are hyaluronic acid based. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient in human skin. It fills intercellular areas, creating the ideal environment for human tissue. It is also responsible for maintaining skin hydration, stimulating collagen production, and protecting all skin elements from exposure.

Once your skin begins to lose its natural resources, as happens with aging, this affects the work of the fibroblasts, the type of cells that synthesize the extracellular matrix and collagen. The amount of collagen begins to decrease, contributing to the loss of volume in your hands. Injecting dermal filler can reverse this process and help your skin regain its youthful look.

Radiesse®, Juvéderm®, and Restylane® have been shown to deliver superior results with minimal patient discomfort or downtime. After an application of a topical anesthetic, the dermal filler is injected directly into the areas of the hands which need enhancement. It is then distributed evenly over the hands.

After treating your hands with dermal fillers, you will notice that your skin may become more hydrated and firmer, and the collapsed areas may be smooth again. The general condition of your skin may improve significantly. Your skin may regain its youthful glow once again! Since one of the natural properties of dermal filler is to increase collagen production and hydrate your skin, you may see continued results for up to a year after treatment. Depending on your skin’s condition, you may need to follow up with treatments for optimal results. Timeframes and results may vary from patient to patient.

Laser Resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing treatments remove the outer layers of skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve your skin tone and texture, and to correct uneven pigmentation. They have also been shown to trigger the generation of new collagen. You may want to consider fractional skin resurfacing if you desire firmer, fuller, and smoother skin on your hands.

Fractional skin laser treatments resurface the top layer of the dermis on your hand, stimulating the production of collagen and encouraging the generation of new, healthy skin cells. Fractional skin resurfacing is clinically proven to improve the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and fine lines on the hands.

Individual Results May Vary.

Dermal Fillers or Laser Resurfacing, or Both?

Each patient is different, with different skin needs regarding volume loss, skin tone, and skin evenness. Dermal fillers may address your needs, or laser resurfacing may be the choice for you. You may need both treatments combined to get the best possible results. Our skin care team will work with you to determine your skin’s needs and how to best address them.

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Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.