At Santa Fe Vein & Med Spa, we strive for 100% patient comfort and satisfaction. We are proud to announce a new option for pain and anxiety relief during procedures: the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System. The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System uses nitrous oxide gas to provide comfort and pain relief for many procedures we perform at Santa Fe Vein & Med Spa.

How does the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System work?

The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System is unique in that it’s administered by the patient, not the staff. The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System has a flexible tube with a disposable mouthpiece that’s given to the patient, who can breathe in the low-dose nitrous oxide mixture at their own pace. Since each patient is different and will be the best judge of comfort as well as discomfort, the control is put into their hands with the pace of dosage.

Within seconds of breathing in the split 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen gases, patients begin to feel the effects of the pain-relief agent, resulting in increased comfort and reduced anxiety for many.

With the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System, Santa Fe Vein & Med Spa hopes to provide yet another reason to take comfort in our already relaxing and professional environment.

Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System for Med Spa Procedures in Santa Fe

Several procedures offered at Santa Fe Vein & Med Spa are well suited for the use of the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System as a pain and anxiety management tool, including Varicose Vein Procedures (Endovenous Laser Ablation and Microphlebectomy), Injectables (Dermal Fillers, Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP, and Hair Regrowth), and Laser Treatments, among others.  If you choose to use the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System during your procedure, you will be given complete control over the dosage and use by breathing in a nitrous oxide mixture from a disposable mouthpiece at the rate that’s comfortable and effective for you.  With most of the procedures offered at Santa Fe Vein & Med Spa, use of the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System is usually an option, so just ask our experienced staff. 

Is this the same Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) I receive at the dentist?

No. The concentration of nitrous oxide that is generally used for dental and orthodontic procedures is up to 70%, compared to the 50/50 mixture utilized by the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System. When you are given the nitrous mask for an oral health procedure, you have little to no control over the dosage and amount administered, unlike the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System which puts you safely in control at all times for your comfort.

  • Self-Administered by Patient
  • Quick Onset of Action
  • Fixed 50% N2O & 50% O2 Gas Delivery System
  • Pain and Anxiety Management
  • Short Duration of Effect

The use of a split 50/50 mixture containing nitrous oxide and oxygen has been a long-established and proven tool for pain management by OB GYN’s for labor and delivery, and has already a solid track record for easing pain and anxiety for med spa and aesthetic practices, as well.

Patients have grown to rely on the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System because of its unique method of delivery, which lets the patients have complete control over how much and when it’s administered. The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System is mobile and engineered for ease of use by patients themselves for this reason. Studies have shown that the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System is an effective and non-addictive option for superior comfort during these procedures.

Benefits of the PRO-NOX™ Aesthetic System at Santa Fe Vein & Med Spa

  • Used around the world for years, the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System has been a safe and proven tool for pain management.
  • The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System is administered completely by the patient, meaning you’re in control while alleviating pain and anxiety.
  • It starts to be effective in seconds and provides immediate relief, making procedures more comfortable.
  • The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System will clear from the body in minutes after use and won’t leave you with lingering affects that take hours to dissipate.
  • It can be used in both short and longer procedures, and it's safe for the duration of the procedure.
  • Since the Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System only takes 5-10 minutes to clear from the body, you can safely drive home after your procedure.
  • The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System is a non-invasive pain-relief system.  There's no needles or discomfort required to make you comfortable in preparation for your procedure.