Why Should I Consider Vitamins and Supplements?

Have you been wondering whether your body is getting the nutrition it needs? Even with the best diet, it’s not always easy to get the correct balance of essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants needed for your body’s optimal health and function. Talk to us at Santa Fe Vein and Med Spa about the benefits of adding quality vitamins and supplements such as Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations to your daily diet.


Why Vitamins and Supplements?

There are many reasons you may need vitamins and supplements to ensure you receive the nutrients needed. With age, the body may not absorb sufficient nutrients. Studies have shown that taking daily multivitamin and mineral supplements may help improve micronutrient deficiencies related to aging. Some people eliminate specific food groups due to preferences or allergies, also resulting in deficiencies we can address using vitamins and supplements.

Daily vitamins and supplements play a significant biochemical role in improving your brain’s cognitive processes and can help you deal with the stresses of life. If you are looking for ways to boost your health and energy, you may want to consider adding quality vitamins and supplements to your daily diet. Talk to Dr. Kristen Biggs about your lifestyle and any current medications to determine the best supplements for you.



Metagenics uses a science known as nutrigenomics to create nutritional supplements that address your specific health needs based on your genetic potential. It works to meet each patient's unique health needs for improved outcomes, and personalized lifetime wellness.


Pure Encapsulations

Pure Encapsulations delivers high-quality, hypo-allergenic supplements that provide the targeted support your body needs to maintain a high level of health and wellness. All their supplements are vegetarian-friendly and are free of contaminants, dyes, fillers, wheat, gluten, nuts, and hydrogenated oils. Pure Encapsulations is committed to offering the best quality products to help people lead a pure, happy life.


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