The One About SMART Goals.

The Funky Dancin'Fox Jumpsuit

Estimated time to read:  10 minutes. CliffsNotes Version: ***All I want for Christmas is a six pack. ***SMART goals, defined. ***Yoga.  Downward-doggie-fire-hydrant style with The Fun Med Doc. Hi there. Welcome back to the blog. We are talking about STDs, Stress and Trauma Disorders. As promised, we are going to talk about establishing some SMART…

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Getting Ready for Change.

Writer's Block. When you're not ready for change.

Estimated time to read:  It’s really long. Two Bohemian Rhapsody units, perhaps?   CliffsNotes and Important Pre-Reading Instructions: ***Please put on a nametag.  There’s kombucha and some gluten-free kale crackers and flat olives in the back of the room.  Thanks for joining the blog. The Fun Med Doc of Santa Fe Functional Medicine is here…

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Being Fired. STDs at Work.

Only Mama is ahead of me in being "Un Poco Loco."

Estimated time to read:  6 minutes. Like “Bohemian Rhapsody.”   CliffsNotes Version:   ***Don’t make me pull this car over. ***The breakup:  “It’s not me. It’s you.” ***If your name is Allison, Danielle, Pamela, Jessica, or Reyna, stop reading right now. ***Want to meet up in my virtual dance room? Over lunch? New internet dating…

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