And The Oscar Goes To….

Dancing - It is A-B-S Exercise!

Estimated time to read:  11 minutes and 30 seconds, but you find out who wins the Oscar, so you should read it.   CliffsNotes Version: ***Barbara Walters in Times Square for the New Year’s Eve celebration? ***H&M sells a really pretty white/blue patterned, smocked tube top for $9.99. ***Hey, Austin, fall actually starts on Monday,…

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Getting From “A” To “B.”

Salmon on a plate. A sign to start eating more fish and take my omega-3 supplement.

Estimated time to read:  11 minutes   CliffsNotes Version: ***God sent me a sign, and it read, “SALMON.”  Laugh-cry emoji, reader Deb. ***Thich Nhat Hanh’s name is pronounced “Tik N’yat Harn,” according to one internet reference. ***I think it’s okay to be “smoking hot,” but all-in-all, it is better to refrain from smoking cigarettes when…

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