Air Travel. The Magical, Microscopic, Airborne STD.

Me in the tiny-plane with my bling and 80's t-shirt.

Estimated time to read:  8 minutes. Kind of long; I’m sorry.  #ITookPictures. Laugh-cry emoji.   CliffsNotes Version: ***She lied to us. ***Second grade and everything after caused anxiety (from perceived academic discomfort). ***“Look, squirrel!!!” ***Blurred lines at work. ***She finally gets to the point in paragraph 11, which begins “I flew in a tiny-a** plane…”…

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The First Fun Med Blog Post.

Birthday gifts from my awesome staff. T-shirt and treats.

Estimated time to read:  4 minutes   CliffsNotes Version:   I’m a self-proclaimed dancing queen, but I’m occasionally tired. Happy Birthday to me! I treat STDs. Avert your eyes if you don’t want to see. Not only am I the president of Santa Fe Functional Medicine, but I’m also a client, too.   “She blinded me…

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